Theology as a base for entrepreneurial thinking.

The foundation for Armin Ruser’s practical work is his background in theology and ethics. In his Master thesis, he intensively dealt with how the wisdom of biblical writings relate to the practical actions of today’s economies. Armin Ruser claims, ”If we as theologians cannot transfer our knowledge into professional practices, we should be silent.“ Armin Ruser is not silent. Through his own successful companies as well as in organizations with which he is a part, Armin Ruser proves that theology is a base for entrepreneurial thinking.



Born in Lörrach, Germany

1992 – 1999

Apprenticeship and work as an electrician

1999 – 2000

Rehab due to a bad motorcycle accident

2000 – 2004

Theological studies at IGW Zurich

2004 – 2008

Masters in theology (focussing in ethics) at the Martin Bucer Seminar in Bonn


Managing board of Rebland Stiftung and FeG Rebland


Founder and director of ARTrainings: self-management seminars, business coaching and leader seminars


Business coach qualification at the Freie Universität Berlin


University lecturer at DHBW Lörrach for personal management and consulting

Founder and director of AHA!Videos, the former marketing department of ARTrainings


Gründung und Geschäftsführung von Made in Freedom: Vermarktung von Textilprodukten, durch deren Herstellung ehemaligen Sklaven die Freiheit aus Zwangsprostitution ermöglicht wird.

Testimonials about Armin Ruser

The entertaining lecture from Armin Ruser was perfectly on point from what we had previously discussed. Armin Ruser's 'Plan B' inspired and delighted the guests and they have taken home with them, inspiration and motivation for life's future journey!

Very inspiring and straight to the point!
What are we waiting for?
Many thanks for the encouraging keynote!

Dominikus Von Pescatore

It takes courage to bring ideas to life. Courage to act without being afraid to fail. Who could better express this than someone who has literally experienced this with his very own body? Armin Ruser is a phenomena and example for all of us. His keynotes about value based entrepreneurship inspire and motivate. He undoes any argument on why to not do something.

Thank you for that inspiring keynote.

Armin Ruser helps companies, founders, and entrepreneurs drive their ideas forward through motivational speeches and keynotes about this topic. And he loves doing it.

Mr. Ruser combines consolidated scientific work with rhetorical and didactical excellence.

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