Your event is a precious moment for you and your guests. Armin Ruser loves to enrich these moments as a speaker. With a sense of humor, he invites your guests to think fresh thoughts and question their own actions. He translates timeless principles and shows how to apply this in current situations. He challenges the status quo and encourages everyone to thoughtful changes.

Armin Ruser is looking forward to your invitation as a referent for these kind of events:

leadership meetings
entrepreneur meetings
client events
employee events
annual conferences
association conferences
sales meetings
kick-off events
keynote speeches

Armin Ruser’s talks give immediately implementable impulses, which brings insight and motivation to take concrete action steps. He gladly adopts his talk to your special event in a creative way, so you and your guests gain maximum benefit.

Experience one of the exciting, engaging and inspiring talks of Armin Ruser’s current series: Plan B

Plan B – best time for change in thinking and acting
  • Why plans are important, even though they often don’t work.

  • Why Plan A is often not the best way to the end.

  • Questions you better ask today to be well prepared for tomorrow’s changes.

  • Whereof even the best ideas fail – from now on only other peoples ideas.

  • How to get back into positive action with Plan B, after Plan A has failed.

  • What you can do today to actively change your future for the better.

Plan B – best time for change in leadership culture
  • Why we urgently need (really) capable leaders.

  • Which timeless principles we should rediscover.

  • Locating where most leaders fail.

  • How we become better leaders day by day.

  • How to lastingly improve the leadership culture in your company.

Plan B – High Time for Change in Marketing and Sales
  • Why it’s high time to – TRULY – rethink Marketing.

  • Which marketing principles remain.

  • Where we throw money down the drain in marketing.

  • How you can achieve great and measurable outcomes with inbound marketing.

  • How marketing and sales can should close ranks in the digital world.

  • What you should (not) do if you want to make your marketing more effective.

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